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Vadim changed my life, simple as that.

Vadim changed my life, simple as that. I walked into Noskov Fitness Crossfit LIC almost 5 years ago at 220 and smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. I haven't smoked since and am a lean mean 190! I had been... read more

At Noskov fitness we are more than just a gym... we are a little family.

"I have to be honest When I bumped into this ad for the first time I was so skeptical! I didn't know if this would be right for me as I don't like working out in front of other people and wasn't comfortable..." read more

I'm very happy to be there. It's worth every penny. I am a very busy man, with two kids and three jobs, and I don't want to slow down now that I'm in my late forties.

The owner *really* cares about his gym. He's very, very, very exacting of his coaches, and takes it very personally when clients don't get results. He calls me and pesters me about food and attendance... read more

I have tried everything, yoga, pilates, MMA, Martial Arts, Boxing, and basic personal training over a five year period. These guys beat them all.

I am happy I found you guys and I have brought my family with me. As a person with many previous injuries I feel safe in your space to push my limits with your guidance. I would recommend... read more​ (watch video)

this is not just a gym and a place to workout...

I just moved into the area and was looking for a new gym. I signed up for the introduction class/es. I knew from the moment I walked into this gym and met Vadim that this gym was different and I instantly knew I was signing up... read more

I have lost count of how many PRs I have reached at Noskov and my improvement remains constant.

The box has been my CrossFit home January and I could not hve asked for more. Even though I still struggle with english, everyone is helpful and pacient and I trully beleive we have... read more (watch video)

I feel very very lucky to have found Olga as a personal trainer...

I feel very very lucky to have found Olga as a personal trainer and would be happy to recommend her. It's still early in my training but I'm seeing some results already and that is exciting. I think with... read more

Seriously the best gym ever!! I'm so grateful that I found them.

"I've been coming here for about a year now. The trainers Vadim and Olga are extremely knowledgeable, caring, and trustworthy. I've had experiences in the past where I didn't feel my trainer cared enough..." read more

Another reason to be so happy!…

I am so happy, and want to thank you Olga and Vadim for being a big part of this: BP 116/60 (lower) cholesterol <200 (lower), normal triglyc., Hdl, ldl, , better thyroid, calcium, vit D, normal CBC... read more

... I can still remember my first workout like it was yesterday!

WOW.. Three years ago today I walked into this gym, I can still remember my first workout like it was yesterday! Thank you to all the coaches, members & friends I’ve met along the way with helping... read more

... ​If I am found dead, at least I won't be fat.

My training at this gym has been transformative, humiliating, and, more importantly, has significantly diminished my wife's fears of finding me home fat and dead. If I am found dead, at least I won't be fat.

I was 250 pounds when I started.

What a difference... 2011 at the old box, starting out… and yesterday, juggling the same atlas stone!

... they are some of the most supportive people I've ever met

The coaches at Noskov Fitness are extremely responsive to anybody's individual fitness goals. They make you work hard, but you feel the payoffs and most of all they are some of the most supportive people I've ever met.

...the coaches are wonderful, the people who workout here make this place something special... seriously, this is the BEST GYM.

As someone who used to pick the hidden elliptical in the corner, and never so much as took a zumba or spin class in my life because of the fear of other people watching me work out, Crossfit was about as... read more

I don't even know where to begin. I am so thankful for Vadim and Olga.

I don't even know where to begin. I am so thankful for Vadim and Olga. This gym experience has been changing my lifestyle in so many positive ways. I was always interested in CrossFit, but was too nervous to give it a try... read more

You can’t ask to be around a better group of people.

Since retiring from playing competitive Rugby, I have been looking for a competitive challenge, so I decided to try this program out. I really didn’t know much about it, other than what I saw on TV. I went in... read more

I highly recommend Noskov Fitness and so happy to have found a great place to workout and make new friends.​

Started working out with Vadim and Olga over a year ago as a cross training regimen to my running. I took some private classes while training for the Boston Marathon and Vadim helped me with agility... read more

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