We help women over 40 get lean and fit by finding joy in exercising and eating well

How Our Clients Get Such Amazing Results

Yes, amazing results. They still send us "Thank you" notes 15 years later!


The biggest obstacle to your success is YOU. We help you identify thoughts and feelings that trigger unhelpful behavior, and learn to make better choices.


Eating well is NOT about any one particular diet. The choice is yours, within reason. We help you make it work with your individual preferences.


Lean & fit people, knowingly or unknowingly, have one thing in common: the SKILLS of staying lean. We help you make those skills a part of your life.


Knowing what to do is only half the battle. Actually doing it is what’s challenging for most. Our secret sauce is our stellar accountability.

Success Stories

Covid is a strange time... realizing my regular routine is not cutting it anymore I reached out to Olga to see if Noskov virtual system could help. I am very impressed with a comprehensive plan.. diet, workouts, lifestyle changes. It has been 3.5 weeks and I am 11 pounds down, but more importantly stronger and determined!

Anastasia Bard

Olga is awesome. Easy to talk to and a great coach to keep you in check. This was the first time I have held myself accountable for my actions with regards to nutrition. I am extremely grateful for her expertise and support. Down 8lbs in 2.5 weeks! I highly recommend Noskov Fitness👍

Robin McClelland

Thank you Olga for your very smart, consistent, and very efficient guidance through my weight loss process. I have reached my target weight, lost 17 pounds, gained muscle tone and got stronger, and most importantly developed healthy eating habits. Thank you for being so patient with me, for all your helpful, creative, and insightful recommendations throughout my journey! I feel very confident and extremely satisfied with what I see in the mirror now. Ready for the summer and for the rest of my life :)

Nataliya Dovgan


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